Sorry for the confusion

It was brought to my attention tonight that in my mentioning of a birthday party, some people read that as me having/throwing myself a "fun" birthday party with friends and beer and me being a general idiot in public. Alas, this wasn't my intention. 26 isn't a fun birthday anyway. The birthday party I spoke of is just going to be my parents, sis, bro-in-law, and nephews. Sorry if anyone has planned around my misleading writing.

So, this morning as I was putting my shirt on, a heard a big crash right outside my house. I ran outside to see if everyone was okay, and I saw that a Jeep Cherokee had run head long into a school bus. The driver of the Cherokee was getting out of her car as I approached, She was shaken up, but seemed okay otherwise. I advised her to turn off her car ASAP, since her coolant was leaking all over the road and she was going to overheat otherwise. The kids in the bus looked like they were having a good 'ole time with all the commotion. Anyway, I knew that any accident with a school bus was going to be cause for ambulances, firetrucks, and cop cars. Man, was I right. It was tough getting out of my driveway almost 20 minutes later with all the flashing lights and people everywhere. The ambulance drivers looked bored, so I assume everyone got out of the accident relatively unharmed. That was my excitement for the day.

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