Spam deterent testing!

Well, the spam bots have been completely killing my ambition when it comes to posting blog entries and such. I hate spam on a huge, huge level now, where it used to just be a minor irritation. Obviously filtering by keywords is relatively effective, but keywords will keep popping up until eventually REAL responses are filtered. And so begins my testing period to see what spam-avoiding techniques will actually work 100% of the time.

A tip came from John Kelly saying, for some reason, he didn't get any spam and thought part of the reason for that was the password field, even though the password field wasn't required. Hmm... I thought. And so, I've added a password field to the comment form, although you'll never see it and it doesn't ever get processed with anything whatsoever. We'll see how much spam this simple change made.

Up next, filtering comments by how long they took to type (figuring comments typed in less than 2-3 seconds is spam) or counting keystrokes (figuring the copy/paste of spambots only uses 2-3 keystrokes) and filtering that way.

Friggin' spammers.

edit - Yeah, I obviously suck at this spam deterent stuff. I really need to wrap my noggin around JavaScript in a way that my noggin doesn't currently wrap itself so that functions don't intrude on each other and still accomplish their tasks appropriately. For now I've taken the easy way out and disabled comments all together.

This weekend I'll do more "simple" techniques to stop the spammers, but for now I'm sick of dealing with this crap.

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