spammers suck.

As my 2 regular readers have noticed, I had issues with spammers on this site. Annoying, awful problems that made me want to vomit. I finally found some time to combat these issues, and my solution is below for the geeks out there who care:
if (ereg("",$comments)
or (ereg("poker",$comments)
or (ereg("mortgage",$comments)
or (ereg("dorank",$comments)
or (ereg("viagra",$comments)
or (ereg("pharmacy",$comments)
or (ereg("ambien",$comments)
echo "Due to overly rude comment spammers, I've
had to block a bunch of words that can be posted
to comments in this blog. It sucks, but such is
life. Unfortunately, your comment has been
flagged for containing one of these words,
listed below for your reference. If you'd like
to try again, click "back" and type a comment
that leaves out the word that caused this
problem. The words are:







Spammers are a clever bunch, so I expect
more words to be added to this list. Such
is life.";

The script reads each comment, and if a flagged word is sent, the comment doesn't post. While I was tinkering with the comment adding system, I've also added emailing capabilities so that I'll get emailed when a person comments, which will hopefully lead to faster response times from me. In deleting all the spam comments, some real comments got lost in the shuffle. If your comment is missing, no offense intended... just a mistake. Hopefully with less spam, people will be more apt to post comments? Maybe hopefully? Yeah?

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