Stuff I hate

Way back in the day, I used to keep track of blogs that I absolutely hated reading. Every ignorant entry set me off on a rampage of bitterness and hatred and swearing, occassionally even fist-shaking. And yet, I continued to read, every single day, these posts that served no purpose except to anger me. It was almost an addiction, but somehow I was able to stop cold-turkey.

Well, my addiction has resurfaced in the form of a podcast I love to hate. I won't name it here for obvious reasons, but I had no idea such levels of sucktitude could be unleashed onto the internets. And this coming from a guy who absolutely knows how sub-par his own podcast is.

Anyway, these 2 guys host a show remarkably similar to my and Wolford's show. At first I watched/listened to the episodes, trying to convince myself that I was learning valuable lessons on what NOT to do in a podcast. Well, I've learned a lot of what makes a bad podcast from them, and yet I keep listening, downloading every episode and piecing together their broken and miserable lives as I listen.

I really need to knock it off.

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