Summer lovin'

Man, what a fantastical weekend. I kicked it off on Friday with my usual dinner with the boys and Kristi and Jess at Donnelly's. Alan had gotten some bad news that day, so the plan was for me to go home after dinner and take a short nap, then go out on the town to cheer him up a bit. My short nap went long, and I didn't wake up from it until Alan called at around 11, scrapping plans to go out and opting to stay in, play some cards, and crack some jokes. So that's what we did.

Saturday I woke up bright and early to take the Jeep back to the shop since it still isn't running right. Then I went to my parents' house and grabbed some breakfast before heading back into town in my dad's truck so I could pick up my new bathroom sink and counter top. I installed my new counter top and spent the rest of the day trying to be at least semi-productive.

That night was another wedding with Angie. It turned out to be a whole lot of fun, mostly because I actually knew people at this one. I was hit on by a drunk girl, which is always fun.

Sunday I woke up bright and early again with the intention to make it to the 4 mile practice run at 8:00. The alarm woke me up at 7:40 and I decided I was too tired to bother. I slept another half hour or so, then went running extra long to punish myself for skipping the practice. I figure I ran close to 6 miles, and man am I feeling the pain of that today. Anyhoo. I spent the day cleaning and working on websites and stretching my poor leg whenever I got the chance. That night, I went to Hooters with Mullens, Alan, and Anna, and later Dave stopped by. We went back to Alan's house and had a little fire and listened to some Mitch Hedberg. Overall, I'd say it was the greatest weekend ever.

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