Sunday was a sad day.

I didn't really do a whole lot this weekend. I drank some beers at Alan's on Friday. I ran some errands with Angie on Saturday. I did some house work on Sunday.

Sunday was a sad day for me. I woke up bright and early and checked on my little bunnies, who have grown so big so quickly. A few hours later I let Winnie outside again and thought I'd go pet my little rabbits, but was shocked to see my nest was empty! My little sweethearts decided they didn't need their daddy anymore, I guess. I was happy for the little guys, but I didn't think this day would come so soon. I didn't have time to prepare for it. Later in the day, I saw one of them following mommy bunny around the yard. That made me feel better, but I still miss the little guys.

Oh, and I saw Land of the Dead with Mullens and Wolfie and... uh... other people whose names I can never remember. It was excellent. George Romero sure outdid himself. You could see the Hollywood side of the movie more than his others, but I was kind of expecting that. I highly recommend it.

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