'sup chumps? After

'sup chumps?

After much deliberation, and a few emails from people begging (yes, begging) me to put this journal back up, I have caved, and am putting it back up. My 30 day period to decide whether or not to keep it was coming to a close, and I didn't necessarily want it gone forever.

However, I've gone a few hundred entries and deleted certain entries or certain parts. I've decided that may LJ isn't the greatest place in the world to bitch, moan, complain, and pour my heart and soul into. Some of those things are best kept to myself or my good friends. Bitching and moaning is for car trips and late nights at 24 hour restaurants, not for typing into a journal that anyone in the world can read? Right? Right.

So, not much has changed in my somewhat average life, although 2 of my good, real-life friends have decided to start using LJ, which is nice. Say hello to Bryan J. Wolford and Bryan J. Polk. There's a few other Peorians who've signed on to the LJ bandwagon, so come introduce yourselves. Pekin doesn't count as Peoria, because it sucks WAY more than Peoria ever will.

Well, that'll do it for me for my grand return to LJ. My 25 or so days off have been fun, and I can say without a doubt that I haven't missed LJ all that much at all. But still, I have returned.

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