Sweet Holy Crap.

Okay, so funnyprizes.com is doing very well, getting millions of hits per month. Millions of people are seeing my drawings on that site alone. I was just talking to Dave, and not only are millions of people seeing my art on that site, but on other sites as well. Imagine my surprise when I stopped by www.twistedhumor.com only to see drawings that I made in an advertisement.

Then he told me that he's going to advertise on Yahoo. On friggin' Yahoo. Ya know, Yahoo.com, the highest traffic website on the planet. All this for a job I happened to stumble upon out of pure luck. Amazing.

Soon, many other people will see even more of my art at a website I'm designing. Production is slow but steady and the address is very much a secret until I at least break even with the site. I doubt my site will get millions of viewers, but I'll take what I can get.

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