sweet jesus


Come on in, grab a drink, and put your paws up - your frank,
easygoing personality and lovable good nature make you the
perfect party-going Lab. Always delighted to meet new
people, you're truly interested in finding out what makes them
tick. Your ready smile and genuine curiosity help you break the
ice with all kinds of folks, and you excel at making them relax
and feel comfortable. Heck, you don't even have to try - it
comes naturally. You're in top form at backyard barbecues,
casual get-togethers, and cookouts on the beach. And you
don't go to parties to network or hook up (at least, not on
purpose...) - you're just there to have a good time. Which you
usually do.

Damn. That personality test thing was a crock, but this couldn't be more accurate.

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