Well, I decided to wash my Jeep again. I was going to get the water spots off, and clean this huge lump of bird poo that I got last night. I figured I could do that with $1.00, then dry it and be on my way. I pulled into an empty stall, got some quarters, and went back to put them in the machine, when what did I see but a big pile of quarters someone else had left there. So, I washed my car with the aforementioned $1, then went out to where everyone was drying their cars. I asked around to see if anyone had left that $2.50 I found, but no one claimed it, so I used the money to buy some towels to dry my car, and this cool Armor All pad to shine up the plastic parts. The rest is soda money for the rest of the week.

So, washing your car actually has a benefit every once in a while.

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