Thank God for rain

So I decided I dodged a pretty big bullet yesterday with the thunderstorm forecasts and my Jeep doors and top sitting at home in my garage with my Jeep at work. With rain in the forecast again, I stopped tempting fate and put my top back on this morning. And now its raining for the first time in a long time. My grass is thankful.

While I'm on Jeep related subjects, my stereo was most certainly stolen. Well, my faceplate was, along with some burned CDs and a handful of change I put in a little dish. The other 4 times my car has been broken into and stolen from, I got really pissed off and frustrated at the world. This time, my feelings are mostly pity. I mean, they took a faceplate without taking my stereo, which means their stupid and/or not ballsy enough to take the time out to actually remove the stereo. So they have a worthless faceplate and I have a stereo that doesn't work anymore. They also stole home-burned CDs, and the only one that bothers me that its gone is "15,000 Watts of Good Will" from Polk. The rest I can just re-burn. They also took less than a dollars worth of change. All things considered, I'd rather they just knocked on my door and asked for $5 to not take my stereo faceplate. I would have given it to them and they would have been $5 richer. No one is going to give them anything for a faceplate that isn't attached to a stereo. And I'm pretty sure burned CDs ain't goin' for much on the black market. Oh well. Last time the Jeep got broken into, they ripped my top which cost me (or actually, the insurance company) $1000 to replace to steal a $120 stereo and a handful of CDs. They left my $300 digital camera sitting in the front seat. Criminals ain't known for their IQ, I guess.

Starting tomorrow, I'm on vacation for nearly a week. It'll be spent redoing my bedroom and, depending on my progress there, my office. I'm quite looking forward to it.

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