That's with an "E", kids.

Yeah, so, I'm sure some of you could have guessed by now that I totally misheard the voicemail announcing Fabish's kid's name, and it's actually "Elise". I nailed the "Alexandra" part though.

So, Friday I kicked off the weekend with a trip to Alexander's for the second time in about a week. The Brandon was nice enough to tend to my steak at an overcrowded fire pit while I drank beer and chatted with Mr. and Mrs. Mullens. The steak was delicious, although dropping that much coinage per meal is something that maybe a broke-ass like myself shouldn't do on a weekly basis. Still, it was a good time. Oh, and happy birthday Wolfie.

Afterwards I stopped by Angie's house for a bit. We just watched TV and chatted it up for a while. Then it was time for a poker game at Mullens' house. There were 5 of us with a $5 buy in. Long story short, someone walked away $25 richer, and that someone is me. Because, if you haven't realized it by now, I rule at life.

Saturday I stopped by and visited Elise. She's a precious little kid, and pretty easy going compared to most newborns I've seen. Then I had to go out to my parents' house and get my grandpa's old roll-top desk for my newly remodled office. That night was the HOI Fair, which I go to every year just out of habit. This year was more fun than most, probably because I was spending the free $25 I got the night before so I didn't feel too horrible dropping $9 for a soda and corn dog. The group was me, Alan, Anna, Mullens, and Angie, with some other people who dropped by to say hello before scurrying off. Afterwards we went to Jimmy's for a quick drink, then home to bed.

Today I'm cleaning, organizing, and getting my house in order. It's a big job.

And now, I'd like to spend a few short seconds on the topic of me and Angie. We're dating now, and have announced that to everyone we feel like needs to know. The reactions have varied from "It's about time!" to "You weren't dating already?" to "Oh. Okay." and "Wow, that's weird." To an extent, I agree that it's a little weird. Sometimes surreal. But in an overwhelmingly positive way. I thought it would be way more awkward for us trying to find a balance between friends and dating, and I thought I'd have a hell of a time not treating her as "just a buddy". Nope. Honestly, it just seems like the next logical step in our relationship. I suspect it'll take some adjustment period for our mutual friends more than it'll take for us. But things are good, and everythings comin' up Wasson.

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