There is justice in this world sometimes.

So, that fuckstick who ripped me off with that webpage deal... he went to PayPal and actually got his down payment refunded. I couldn't believe it. I was 100% right, and somehow he won the war without me even putting in my two cents.

Today I got around to calling PayPal to bitch, since they hadn't responded to the emails and disputes I had sent. After being put on hold and transferred around a lot, I got to talk to someone who finally heard me out. He told me that PayPal didn't refund money like that, and I must be mistaken. I read him the email they had sent and told him why they were wrong, and I was right. After hearing my side, he said to me "Hang on, I'm going to talk to my supervisor". After about 30 seconds he came back saying "Yeah, you should have won that dispute. We're reversing the refund and giving you back the original down payment. We'll be in touch if we have any more questions for you". Awesome. Fuck you, Mr. Hong, you fucking piece of shit.

In other news, me, Wolford, and Jaimee are seeing Jason X tomorrow, quite possibly at a theater in Crystal Lake. How sweet would that be? (hint: super sweet, baby)

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