This thing is

This thing is getting harder and harder to update.

So, Thursday night. Fabish's friend was having a kegger for her 21st, so I went. At midnight we went to the bars, but since me, Fabish, and KJ are poor we stayed at the one with dollar drafts. I drank a little more than I should have. I used to go out drinking a lot and got drunk very rarely. Well, I've pretty much stopped drinking due to lack of money, so I'm not used to it anymore. 3 beers these days feels like 10 would have in my prime.

Friday I woke up several times to dry heave, as is the norm for me after a night of drinking. I had plans to go see Jaimee that day, but I was feeling shitastic and called them off. After sleeping about 15 hours I was feeling better and went up to see her. I won't see her again before my birthday, so it was sort of a birthday celebration. She took me out to dinner and made me a cake and everything. I actually had candles to blow out. I never have candles, or even a cake for that matter. Birthdays never meant much in my family. I always got my birthday presents a few months early and by the time the actual day rolled around, all I got was a card. I've only had one birthday party my whole life. I still remember it... it was lots of fun. I guess I'm a quality over quantity guy. Plus, 22 isn't even a special birthday. No one cares. I wasn't expecting any celebration or recognition at all.

So anyway, Saturday came around and I went birthday shopping with my mom. I got new shoes, a couple new pairs of pants and sweaters and a jacket. I've never owned a jacket before. I always owned a coat. In that weather that was too hot for a coat and too cold for a sweater, I always ended up either sweating or freezing. No more of that for me. I have a jacket.

Last night I was threatened with several plans I would have been forced into, but luckily none of them worked out. I wasn't in the mood to do anything other than sit around and watch some movies. So that's what I did.

And now it's Sunday. My dad offered to buy me lunch, but I actually declined this time. I'm just not hungry at all. Abby looks like she's in the mood for a walk in the park, so maybe I'll be a nice fella and take her there.

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