This thing is

This thing is much harder to type into religiously without being at work. I have no set schedule anymore. I'm not complaining, since I LOVE not having to set my alarm at night, or working at 10:30 at night. It's the most fantastic thing ever.

Anyway, to sum up the past week, here's some stats:

Money made: $0.00.
Meetings attended: 2.
Jobs bid for: 25.
Serious personal injuries: 2.
Meals made: 2.
Cigarettes smoked: 4.

Ah, I think we need some sort of explaination on some of those. $0. True and misleading. I've sent out a few bills, but haven't gotten any money back. I've been working, but I'm not at the point where I can charge anyone yet.

I signed up for this service to connect freelancers to employers. I can search through hundreds of jobs and apply for them. You place a bid based on their explaination, and they view your profile and portfolio and award the project. They all have a time limit of about a week. I've applied for around 25, and definitely lost 3. I'm a finalist for 2, and it seems I've been awarded 1. Those are not bad stats since most of these jobs get 60 or 70 offers. The one that I've been awarded was an illustration job, as is one other I'm a finalist for. I would love to get these jobs. Despite all the work I do on computers, drawing and illustration will always be my first love. We'll see how these jobs work out for me.

Personal injuries: Fabish and I were watching Seinfeld, and there was some little skit where a guy spun around 3 times in an office chair. Convinced I could do way more than 3 times, I tried spinning around on my living room chair. On my first rotation, I cracked my knee on a door frame. I bled and it left a scratch and a bruise. It wasn't pretty. Today while doing the dishes I picked up a hot pan from the stove, put it in the water, and it bobbed up and hit my finger. It made that oh-so-pleasant burning noise, and left my finger red and swollen.

The meals I've made: an awesome chicken casserole that went over well with me and my roommates. Hamburger helper today. Good stuff. I like working at home because I can cook home cooked meals like this for cheaper than going to McDonald's or something.

I bought a carton of cigarillos because they came with a free Zippo. I've been smoking one a day. Enough to make the investment worth it, but not enough to ruin my teeth or lungs.

Ah, what else?

I need money, and fast. All my bills are paid off and I owe money to no one. Unfortunately, bills will be due soon enough, and I don't want to mooch off the roommates. I may have to borrow money from my dad which will be sort of humiliating, but everyone knew the first few weeks would be the hardest. Soon enough the jobs will start coming in. I can't wait. It's hard going from making so much to making nothing, but I'm making due for the most part.

This is getting too long, so I'll cut it off. I'm happier than I've been in a long time. It's amazing what a difference a change in employment makes.

However, I'm thinking I need somewhere to go and something to do sometimes. I think tomorrow I'm going to go apply at Circuit City tomorrow. Just for one day a week, and mostly for social reasons and discounts on DVDs and things. The dependable cash will be nice, but I seriously doubt it will make much of a dent in my bills. It will just be hard to explain to the manager why I would ever want to go from a high paying job as an animator to a register jockey making minimum wage. Ah well.

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