Things that suck:

Things that suck: LiveJournal. PayPal. Here's why.

The post that just showed up should have showed up many days ago, but didn't. LJ, you suck.

PayPal, you suck, because you charge me ridiculous fees for stupid services. A guy transferred $680.00 to me for my Nintendo. He didn't pay with a credit card. He just paid with money already in his PayPal account. PayPal took $20 for that transaction. $20! No "real" money exchanged hands. No one did anything. It was just an entry in a computer. That pisses me off to no end. When money is transferred to or from a bank account or from a credit card, I can understand the fees. But not PayPal account to PayPal account. I hate PayPal for taking my $20.

So, in the past few days, Bryan came into town and left again. I went out with Angie, Alan, and Matt. I've had some sort of stomach flu or something that's given me the craps for a few days straight and had me out of commission on Friday.

I applied for another job today. It's getting really frustrating at this point.

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