Thirty. I can barely believe it.

I turn 30 years young tomorrow. People keep asking me if I'm weirded out or concerned or scared of turning another decade older, but I'm really not. It's not that big of a deal to me. I mean, I guess if given the choice I'd prefer to stop getting older, but if I had the power to stop the clock I would have done it at age 24, not 29. But then the good stuff that's happened in the past 5 years wouldn't have happened either, so whatever. Life goes on, opportunities come and go, and with a little luck things keep improving and getting better the whole time. So no, I'm not worried about getting older, but instead look at it as a chance to keep up with my good streak that's been happening for me lately, keep improving things and keep on keepin' on. 

So anyway, 30 is no big deal and I'll be celebrating by doing a family work day, getting some stuff done around the house, then eating dinner with the family. Not everyone's idea of the best time in the world, but I can't wait.

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