For those interested

For those interested in their credit report and want a better, free alternative to, there's a new service at which allows free credit reports from the major 3 unions for free once per year. It doesn't include your credit for FICO scores for free, but you can buy them for pretty cheap if interested.

With that out of the way, I ate a sandwich today. I headed to Quizno's with the idea in mind to get soup, but the soup looked and sounded awful after all the meals I've had to drink lately. I got reckless and ordered a meatball sandwich. One of the bites hurt like a mother, but otherwise it went off without a hitch.

Headed down to Jimmy's to ring in St. Patty's Day. Mullens will be tending bar, so hopefully it will be a fun AND cheap night.

And finally on my agenda of stupid shit to type about today, I turned into one of those guys I hate. I bought a pair of shoes I don't really need. I was pissed at myself as I pushed my credit card through the reader, but they're sweet shoes.

I'm the type who owns 1 pair of shoes for everything. I have black dress shoes and brown, depending on what I'm wearing them with. I have running shoes. I have Vans for casual stuff. And I have an old shitty pair of shoes for yard work and painting and stuff. That's it. But lately Alan's awesome shoes have been making me jealous, and he clued me in that they were on sale. So I bought them. I don't regret it, except that they're way too trendy for me and I feel a bit yuppyish in them.

And while buying shoes, I couldn't resist getting a couple new work shirts, since a lot of mine are from high school or Goodwill. I felt like a contestant on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy or something (not that I ever watch that show). Anyway, that's that. Happy St. Patrick's Day all.

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