Today marked the

Today marked the 1st argument I have ever gotten in with Fabish ever, in the history of the entire universe. Well, except one time when we were little and I got pissed at him and knocked him off his bike. But I don't remember what that was about.

So anyway, dishes were stacking up, and Fabish told me to do them. I told him I'd do them after I ate my lunch, since it didn't make any sense to me to do the dishes, then dirty some up immediately to make my lunch. Anyhoo, about half an hour later I'm there washing the dishes and Fabish tells me that after I wash them, I need to dry them and put them away.

See, I have this habit of doing about half of every job. I'll take out the trash, but I won't put the bag back in the can. I'll do the dishes, but I won't put them away. To me, that's fair... one of the other roommates finishes the jobs. There's been times that I put the clean dishes away after someone else does them, ya know?

So anyway, I tell him no... I'll wash the whole stack of dishes but I didn't plan on putting them away. He starts spouting off things about how I don't contribute to the apartment and how it's disrespectful to only do half the job. That kind of pissed me off.

"I don't contribute to the apartment? Whose chair are you sitting on right now? Whose table are you sitting at? Whose dishes are you eating off of? Whose fork are you eating with?"

He answered back saying "So just because you buy things means you don't have to put away dishes?"

"No, but it means I contribute to the apartment in more ways than just doing dishes."

"Well, it's just disrespectful to do the job halfway, leaving dishes all over the kitchen not in their proper place."

"Fabish, don't talk to me about respect. Tell ya what, I'll put the dishes away every single time I do them if you respect me and my property the way I say. That means no more metal utensils on my Teflon pots and pans (a conversation we've had many times), no more leaving DVDs on top of my TV out of their case, no more putting your shoes on my couch, or throwing my remote control, and putting my phone back on the receiver every night instead of sleeping with it (all conversations we've had before)."

Fabish said he was sorry and went back to playing video games, and I washed and dried the dishes and put them away. And that's my whole story.

Later Fabish called me into his room, all excited because he found coupons online for the China Buffet for 20% off. We love the China Buffet, but never go there because of the expense. But we're going there tonight.

I suppose all roommates have these little fights... Fabish has been in the apartment for more than 6 months and this is our first... not a bad record if you ask me.

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