Today was mostly

Today was mostly a good day.

I woke up on the late side, even for me. I took care of a little bit of work, then headed off to Morton to drop off some files and pick up some other files. I got home around 3 and decided to not do anything until 5ish, since Andrew was coming over to drop off a monitor I bought from him. He stopped by right on time, we swapped some movies, I got my monitor, and he was off. Then I went straight to work.

I'll spare you the gory details about how I was ass-raped when it came to this job... and how it was a big job, a rush job, and I'm not getting paid nearly enough. Yeah, that's enough details. Anyway, I didn't want to work on the job, but I wanted to get it out of my face. It ended up taking way longer than I thought, and by 10:30 it was time for a break. I called up Polk at work and bought some Taco Bell for us to eat. We ate and dicked around for a little while, then it was back to my place and back at work by by midnight. Here it is now, almost 2 AM, and I just finished. I did a totally half-assed and terrible job on it, and let them know that if there were any revisions, they'd need to be change orders. Usually I do revisions for free, but they've raped me enough on this deal.

Anyway, I'm not really tired, which is a disturbing trend for me lately. I've been trying to wake up earlier so I'll be tired by 1, but it never works. I guess today I woke up pretty late, so that will be my excuse this time.

Tomorrow is yet another fun-filled day of much work for yours truly. My plans to clear Friday to get to Chi-town didn't work out so well, so I'm going on Saturday instead. If I get enough done tomorrow, I may go out to Fuller's birthday dinner. The rest of the group plans on going to Big Al's after dinner, but I will have to bow out of those plans.

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