Top Unsolved LOST Mysteries

 With the finale of Lost aired, I am comfortable posting my list of LOST mysteries that were never properly resolved. Without further ado.

  • Walt. He was so, SO important in the first few seasons, only to be one of the first people to leave the island. He popped up sporadically after that, either as visions or, in his last appearance, a high school kid in NYC. Locke left him alone, saying he'd been through enough. And that was it. Really? This kid who kills birds with his brain that the Others kidnap and do experiments on, and we don't get any additional insight into that?
  • The Outrigger Chase. Anyone else remember this one? Some people do, obviously, where there was all the random time-jumping, and in one of them they were paddling in a little outrigger and started getting shot at? A brief chase ensued, until they flashed out. The chase seemed important, like eventually we'd see the other side of it. Nope.
  • The Hurley Bird. The bird with the distinctive call makes the list with 2 appearances and not even 1 attempt at an explanation. I guess since he's the new Jacob birds just love him? 
  • The Supply Drop. Who is still dropping supplies? And while we're looking at the supply drop, maybe a litte more about Dharma? Are they still around? Run by who? Doing what? 
  • Pregnancies. Why can't women have kids without dying? There's implied reasons, like electromagnetic crap and the incident and whatever, but how about you spell it out for borderline-retards like me?
  • Numbers. Jacob had a thing for numbers, sure. But who recorded the original broadcast of the numbers that Sam Toomey heard who eventually told them to Hurley who eventually used them to win the lotto then hunt down Sam Toomey's wife in Australia and eventually land on the island? Rousseau eventually recorded over this, and it was a big deal in the first few seasons. Then, forgotten.
  • Man in the Cabin. Remember the dude who said "help me" to Locke, but Ben couldn't hear him? Then he got all freaked out by technology and the flashlight and shit started flying around the cabin? What was that about? Jacob lived in a foot, not a cabin. What the fuck was that about?
  • Raised by Another. The crazy maybe-phony psychic told Claire not to let Aaron be raised by anyone else, and even flew her to America to ensure that she'd crash on an island and be forced to raise the kid herself. But... well, Kate raised him, so... now what? Why was that so bad?
  • Adam and Eve. I know this was explained to be the MIB and his mom, but PLEASE. I hate, hate, hate this explanation. Jack, saying the corpses are 50 years old but it turns out they're a few thousand? I know he's no Indiana Jones but I think even I could tell clothes that were 2,000 years old or 50. AND, the producers constantly using this as "this is proof we had a plan all along"? Please. Eve, a chick we've never, ever seen before this episode and will never see again set in a timeline completely incompatible with the timeline you'd set up before? Pick a new Adam and Eve, because this one sucked.

Overall, I'm okay with the series despite constant reassurances by producers that it ain't purgatory, only to have the last big reveal be.... PURGATORY! Or at least a purgatory-ish waiting room. I'd like to see a better resolution for my boy Desmond and it would have been awesome if Kate would have died, but all series end sort of crappily so I guess I should have seen this coming. I just wish Season 6 would have answered old questions instead of asking new ones so I could put some closure to these mysteries that, ultimately, don't matter a bit.

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