townhouses, and why I hate people.

I went today to look at townhouses to buy. I'm still considering moving to some far away land... I have about 2 months to figure out what's going to happen, I guess. The realtor was nice, and I'll feel bad not buying a place from him. Nice fella.

Why I hate people: I was bidding on this job to do a Flash website. The lady in charge of the project and I emailed back and forth several times because she praised the work I did on a few other Flash sites. I walked her through a few necessary steps in deciding how the site would be set up and designed, offering advice and suggestions and everything else. Everything was going splendidly until she told me that she was going to be making a decision based on the applicants who had applied through a freelance service that I'm not subscribed to. I told her I would subscribe to the service to seal the deal, to which she replied "Don't bother. I have enough applicants." What the shit is that? Then why did she keep asking my questions and ask for my advice? She wasted way more time than she needed to. If she chose someone else, fine, but it's really rude to tell me not to bother applying. Bah, I hate people sometimes.

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