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Man, I'm going to miss summer. Not the heat necessarily, but the season. This has been a great season.

Okay, so the weekend. It wasn't really as eventful as it should have been this close to the end of summer. On Friday I finished work on Angie's corner cabinet thing and played babysitter for her dog for the afternoon. She came over later and we watched some TV and whatnot. After she left, I broke into Alan's house and stole a movie. I watched that and went to bed. Saturday my dad came over and we measured a couple of windows, then headed to the hardware store to get some new ones made. That was expensive and annoying. My house is just getting frustrating at this point, to be honest. I hate spending money on it.

So that afternoon was lunch with Angie's family for her grandma's 80th birthday, then over to her house for cake and ice cream. We made a quick stop at Mullens' birthday barbeque thing, then I headed to Alan's house to watch some Dane Cook action on DVD.

Yesterday Angie and I made a few stops at various home improvement places, then went back to my place to put a fancy top on her corner cabinet. I spent a few hours lifting a bunch of weights and walking my dog and recumbant biking. And that was my weekend.

I'd also like to spend just a bit of time on the gas situation here. I spent $42 filling up my stupid car this morning. My only consolation is that I drive about 9 miles a day, so I only fill up once a month, but wow. It's only going to go up, too. Hopefully this will get the smart people of the world finding an alternate way to power our vehicles. What I can't understand is these smart hackers tweaking their Priuses to go 70 and 80 miles per gallon, while Toyota isn't taking their innovations to the factory. I've seen solar powered Priuses on the internet, or ones tweaked to run off their batteries more than their gas engines.

And why isn't anyone building a diesel hybrid? You could easily build one that got 70 miles per gallon. Then rig it to run off biodiesel or vegetable oil, and we'd be set. C'mon, car companies... we need to get off our dependence on non-renewable resources. We need to be able to make our own fuel here in the states. We need to be able to make it for less than $2.50 a gallon.

It's scary to think what will happen when we hit peak oil. And the scariest thing is that this isn't going to be our children's problem... more than likely, we'll hit it within the next 20-30 years. Innovations are coming, but it's all happening a bit too slow for my taste.

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