Treating myself.

So, I've been very broke for about 2 and a half months now. I mean VERY broke with virtually nothing to spend entertainment or food wise. I've been pretty responsible about it. Only buying the essentials, and even cutting back my 3-per-week DVD habit. I think the last DVD I bought was Tron, which came out more than a month ago.

But, today I had to break tradition and spend some money on, what else, a new DVD. I bought the special, limited edition, Necronomicon covered Evil Dead DVD. It's awesome. A Bruce Campbell documentary about fans like me was included, which explained why he wears those horrible, horrible shirts to conventions. I rate about a 3 on his 1-5 fan scale, which is good, since that's still in a the likeable range. My favorite part of the documentary was at the very end during the credits when Bruce was approached by a "non-fan" who spent about 5 minutes telling him why he sucked and why his movies were awful. Bruce just stood there, nodding, and saying things like "Yeah, you're probably right."

I also bought a P'Zone, which I had been craving since the first stupid P'Zone commercial I saw. It was only okay. I think I'd rather just eat a pizza, really.

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