The trip is set.

The good news: Vegas baby. Angie and I have scheduled our trip, and I couldn't be more excited about gambling away more than I can actually afford. The bad news: We leave on my (our) birthday, which means this will be the second birthday I don't spend in my hometown, and the first birthday in a long, long time that Angie and I aren't having a party to dual-celebrate.

So, we leave on October 3rd, get back late on the 6th. It's a short trip, but somehow I think we'll manage to squeeze a ton of fun out of a few short days. We're staying at the MGM Grand, which I hear is good. Lions and whatnot.

Mullens is back from his honeymoon, so I met him for a few beers at Jimmy's to catch up on the last week or so. There's been a lot of big news.

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