Turkey Day

My entire 4 day break from work for Thanksgiving was spent somewhere between 25% and 75% sick the entire time. I had a different symptom every day, it seemed. One day, I had a cough and sore throat. The next, headache and stuffed up nose. I kept myself full of orange juice and vitamin pills and fought off the worst of it. I'm now fully recovered, although break out a horrible sounding liquidy cough every once in a while. My coworkers love it.

Still, despite the sickiness of it, I managed to have some good times during my break. Dinner with Polk on Wednesday, getting to see Brynn later that night, lunch with the family the next day, dinner with Angie's family on Thanksgiving, dinner at Kouri's somewhere in there, and Sunday I barely left my couch, which was a perfect way to end the weekend.

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