Typing this again.

This is the second time I've typed this. I'm not happy about it, but you gotta do what you gotta do, I guess.

The weekend, from the top. Again. Friday I went to eat with my sister, Robert, and my parents at my sister's place. After that, I went home and watched some TV and what not. Alan had some people over, but I didn't really want to socialize with them, so I just watched TV some more. At around 1 or 1:30, Angie called (I'm pretty sure she was drunk), asking if she could come over and talk to me about our issues. I was incredibly tired and had just had that conversation with Mullens a little earlier (he stopped by work on Friday to talk to me about it). So, I told her no, and went to bed.

On Saturday I had to get a replacement CD player for my car, since I had managed to break mine in less than a week. There was a CD stuck in it, which they removed, and I think they fixed the player in the process. I still took the new one, since I'm cool like that. While installing the new player in my building's parking lot, by landlord came up and yelled at me about our dog. I had told his wife we got it and even paid the $25 for the last month, but apparently he wanted a signed letter or something. Strange.

Anyway, I spent the day with Fuller, catching up on everything and wasting some time before dinner. It's strange though... I'm much better off with this new outlook than I was before. Stuff he said that would have bothered me before just rolls right off my back. I also hung out with Tim Callahan and Brett Lewis, both of which I haven't talked to or spent time with in a long, long time. It's really strange how these things are working out for me.

So, me, Tim, and Fuller were going to a few bars downtown and by some weird stroke of luck met up with Fabish and the bachelor party he was at. We spent some time with them, but left pretty early since Fuller had to go to work early the next morning.

On Sunday I took Abby for a long walk in Bradley park, and I didn't do much else, really. I probably should have cleaned my room, but I didn't feel like it.

I spent the majority of the weekend driving with the top off my Jeep, which was excellent. I love driving that thing without a top. Once I get some different side view mirrors, I'm going to drive with the doors off. That will be even better.

Oh, here's a few other weird things. Mullens called me on Sunday saying Angie was really upset and crying about everything that had happened. That's very strange to me, and I don't quite get it. Missy emailed me, asking me to go to her house on Friday to catch up. Barb stopped by my place last night during Jackass unexpectedly because he was next door visiting some friends and thought it would be a nice thing. This is so strange to me that all these people are kind of reintroducing themselves after being gone for so long. What in the world is going on?

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