uh oh.

Have you noticed something peculiar in my journal lately? Well, you need to pay more attention.

I have never been a "deep" guy. I wish I was more in touch with my emotions, but I don't think I have those anymore. Well, this here journal you're reading used to (I say used to like I've maintained this thing for years. It's been what.. like 3 weeks?) be where I did that. I spouted the things in the back of my mind. Lately though it's been boring updates on my equally boring life.

I think it's because like 3 friends have told me they've been reading it. Yeah, I got into this thing thinking it would be cool to have people read it. And I've never been shy about letting things out when I feel them. But, when I do use my friend's names, they're usually fake (her name isn't Jill/Julie, by the way). I don't know why. If she were ever to read this, she would know I was talking about her.

But I don't want her knowing.

That's the problem. I'll try to go back to the 'ole style journal that used to get comments. I love the comments I get and I know it's hard to respond to "I drank beer last night". Putting my picture here only made things worse. In theory there could be more than one Tim Wasson in Peoria, but my picture takes away every bit of anonymity.

Still, I think I'll be rather cautious of using my friend's real names. I won't bitch about them here, because I've got nothing to bitch about. When I do bitch about them, you can be sure I'll say it to their face, too.

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