An uneventful few days, I guess.

Okay, well, on Friday I picked up my dog. I was hoping that she'd be housebroken, but no such luck. Although she's catching on fairly quickly, which makes me think (and hope) that she's been housebroken before, but has simply forgotten.

Abby and her don't get along at all. It's a shame. I've decided to name her Winston, since I really like that name. I know it's a boy's name, but I don't care. Winston it is. Winnie for short (which is a girl's name. it all evens out, see).

here's some pictures of her.

My newest money making project is up and running (mostly, except for the mailing list), and can be seen here. Lame, I know, but not bad for a night's work. Hopefully it will bring in some dough.

Fabish and I are trying to take advantage of our last few days in the apartment together. We've had drinky drinks a few nights in a row and have gone out to lunch almost every day. I'll miss living with the chap. Less than a week from now, we won't be roommates anymore. Sad but true.

Last night I had drinky drinks with at Kouri's Pub. Next week we'll eat there, and it will be free for me. And I saw Mr. Conley bartending. I love that guy.

That's about it on my end. I'm tired now.

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