updates and more updates.

Man, I'm getting comments on this journal thing left and right. That's awesome. Keep 'em coming.

A fellow Wasson left a comment with me, so I'm considering talking less about my beer drinking and strip club habits. She's probably not actually related to me, but think if she was. I know it's not natural for a 21 year old to live in fear of his parents, but I do what I can to cover up my drinking to them. That's weird, isn't it?

I put my picture up because I like to know who I'm reading about, and I would think you guys would appreciate it. so there it is. Enjoy.

I also scanned a whole bunch more pics and will be putting them on my page pretty soon. I'll also post my favorites here for your viewing pleasure.

Last night I decided on couches for my new apartment. Remember my set-in-stone November 10th move in date? Yeah... I won't be moving in on the 10th. Such is life, right? But, I do have some SET-IN-STONE dates now that should be SET-IN-STONE, and I will be absolutely flaming mad if they're not. My carpet should be finished up on Tuesday, so then I'll be able to move in. I won't have a shower until the next Saturday, but they're letting me use an empty apartment in the same building for that.

So, one more week. I guess I can handle that. One more weekend. Then my financial freedom will be gone and I'll have to get a tad more responsible. Just a tad though.

I need to take one of my girlfriends to help me finalize my decision on the couch. I have it narrowed down to 2. The ones I want are vinyl... is that just really too cheesy? I figure it will be good for beer spills, and it looks like leather, and it's black so it will match my remote control. We ate at Pizza Hut and I went home early to do some laundry and pack some junk up. I want to get all that taken care of to make the move as painless as possible when it actually happens.

I'm really in the mood to ramble about those things in the back of my mind, but I have some webpage related things to get done first. I'll be sure to do that later today though.

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