Vacation, Part 2

Yeah, I know, I haven't updated in a while, as per usual. And the worst part about infrequent updates, especially having to do with things like vacations, is that I almost instantly forget stuff that we do so I can't type about anything as accurately as I would have if I would have just sat down and done it earlier.

But hey, whatever's clever, as they say. I'll just have to be brief about the last few days of vacation and leave it at that.

We ate some really nice dinners at places like The Cheesecake Factory and Houston's. Mark and I got totally lost in a huge shopping mall after stopping at the Apple Store there. We ate at Houstons. We saw Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day at the largest theater I've ever been to. We played Rock Band. We drank margarita's at a traditional Mexican restaurant followed by beers at a traditional Texas bar. We drank beers out of a huge 100 ounce beer tap thingie at some Hooters-esque bar I can't remember the name of.

The drive home was fine, but long. We stopped for lunch in Dallas where I met with a long-time client of mine, and it was nice to meet him face-to-face for the first time. We did get stuck in a little more snow on the way home, but not nearly as bad as the drive down.

Video is coming eventually, as soon as I have time to capture and edit it. 

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