Ah, I took my usual October break just last week, and it was the most fantastic vacation I think I've ever taken. I had only the most minor tasks to complete, like mowing my lawn and trimming my hedges. Otherwise, I was sitting on the couch watching horror movies and drinking beer. And it was everything I'd hoped it would be and more.

We went to 2 Halloween parties dressed as Mario and Princess Peach, spent a night in Clinton, and watched far, far too many horror movies to be considered healthy. This was my season, and I think I'll continue taking Halloween week off instead of my birthday week.

So it was just a nice, laid back vacation that allowed me to grow out my beard and not do a whole lot else. But honestly, I think my favorite parts of the break were following Halloween on that Thursday - Sunday that I vowed to be productive.

I got a lot of work done on Horror Junk as well as a new project that's also nearly complete (announcement coming soon), switched servers on all my websites, drew a picture of a house for a lady at work, sent some business-related emails, and it was great. To be perfectly honest, that's how I see my life eventually. I know I had that briefly before, but I made some mistakes and kind of blew it.

But those few days really revived that feeling that I can do it again. I've got a couple projects ahead of me that may start making me some dough here, sooner rather than later, and hopefully it'll be enough that will allow me to stop working and make freelancing my full-time job again. I know it was a disastrous failure before, but winners never win and succeed by quitting and citing previous failure as a reason not to try again.

I need to get my ducks lined up a little better, go into it with a better plan and more contacts and maybe some savings and some form of consistent income. But yes, I will do it again.

Last time I made the leap into freelancing, I was 21, living with 2 other guys, drinking way too much beer and using "freelancing" as an excuse to not go to work. At 28, I think I've got a much better idea of how to make this whole thing work.

This will happen by age 30. I promise.

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