various ramblings.

So, yesterday shortly after my post I got an email from Jill/Julie about the incident at my party. She didn't say anything close to what I had heard, so I don't know what to believe. I don't think either of them is lying, because I just have faith in them. My guess is that the REAL conversation was a hybrid of the 2 I have heard. If that's not the case... well, that sucks.

Last night a few friends came over and we tried to finish off that second keg. It was flat, but very cold, so bearable.
It's not done, but it's a lot closer. A kind of ex-friend of mine stopped by, but we were more than civil and I told him to stop by some other time. That boy has issues. I won't have cable until Saturday, so we've been recycling all my movies over and over. Last night it was the Lost World. I'm buying a few new DVDs tonight, so we won't have to recycle.

I was trying to sleep last night and people kept throwing stuff into my courtyard. I could hear them all laughing and stuff then one dude threw a bottle of beer out. It hit my keg and made this really loud noise, then broke. I'm guessing the bottle was full because there's nasty skanky beer there and it's making my whole courtyard and hallway stink like shit. Bloody savages. I'm trying to think of a funny, practical joke way to put a stop to that, sort of like the saran wrap on the toilet bowl, but modified for a window. Any ideas?

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