That was a

That was a great Christmas. I hope everyone else can say the same.

I got great presents this year, and what else is Christmas about, really? So, the weekend, from the top.

Friday, we did some Christmas shopping then we were going to go to a late movie. By the time we got to the theater, we were all tired and the movies didn't start for another half hour, so we left. We went back to my place, drank some beer, joked around, argued about abortion and morals, then Steph stole my pillow so I kicked her ass.

Saturday me and Steph were going to finish up our Christmas shopping. Unfortunately I suck at shopping and we didn't finish. I don't remember doing anything on Saturday night, so if I did, it must not have been to exciting.

Sunday I did finally finish up my shopping. The stores were remarkably uncrowded for Christmas Eve, which was nice because I hate customers. Every customer around this time is so pushy, and none of them walks correctly. They have no direction and walk very slowly. Walking slowly is fine, as long as you're not weaving all over the place, blocking the fast walkers. Ah, but I digress. I went to church on Christmas Eve, which we do every year.

Monday was Christmas of course. I went back to my parent's house to open presents and eat breakfast casserole and this weird juice stuff my mom makes every year. I gave my sister a huge Renoir print and a couple of CDs, my dad a drill, my mom a framed picture I had drawn that was one of her favorites. I got a lot of really cool stuff, my favorites being an old school Optimus Prime straight from 1984, still transformable with all his accessories. It's awesome. My other favorite was a membership to the Peoria Art Guild, which means I get free visits to the museum and discounts on the classes.

I'm going to have to take some classes. I've been feeling very artistically frustrated lately. People have to express themselves however they know how. I've been trying to write lately, and I'm just not good at it. I need to draw and paint, but don't have a lot of time or motivation to get it done. These classes will do me some good, I think. I'm going to stop by the art store tonight and get some paints and a new canvas. I don't have an idea for a new painting, but I really feel like I have to paint.

Anyhoo, that was a big weird sidetrack.

As is tradition now, I had people over to drink some beer and celebrate Christmas. Steph, Mullens, Angie and Anna all came over, we drank some beer and messed around and had a really good time. I'm not tired for some odd reason, but I have no idea why not. I really should be.

I went to sleep at around 1, but woke up at about 5 am to go to the bathroom. I went back to bed, eager to just fall asleep again, but couldn't. I laid there for more than an hour, trying my best not to think of anything or move around, because those were the 2 things I was sure would keep me awake. Well, I finally fell back asleep at about 6:45 then my alarm went off at 7. It wasn't a good sleep for me.

Tonight I'm going to watch Fight Club by myself, then fall asleep early. Some people will doubt that I'll be able to do this, but I'll show you. I'll show you all.

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