This weather ain't

This weather ain't doin' good things for me, to tell ya the truth. Its making me so sleepy, and its stopping me from running my entire course because I stop out of complete exhaustion. But its helping me melt away those pounds, I guess. After spending part of last night sitting on my couch sweating profusely, I caved and turned on the AC. Its supposed to be near 100 this weekend, so its a good time to do it.

Anyway, yesterday was a busy night. Right after work I had to go pick up Angie from the oil changing shop place, then head out to my parents' house to take care of their cat. Then back into town for dinner before taking Angie to her softball game. I went home, played on my computer, and headed over to the game in time to see the last inning. Then we went out for ice cream. Then we stopped by the Fabishs' house so Angie could help them install a car seat.

We checked on my little pet bunnies before I took Angie back to her car. The weather isn't so great for them either, I don't think. They're not nearly as active as they were a few days ago. My poor little sweethearts.

So by this time it was about 9:30. It was dark and had cooled down to a chilly 88 degrees, so I decided to go on my run. Bad idea. I'm not sure if it was the weather or what I ate or just a bad coincidence, but... well, no need to go into details about why I only did 3.5 miles. I managed to kick my virtual training assisstant's ass though, which was a lot of fun.

So I get into my topless, doorless Jeep this morning to head to work and notice my stereo faceplate is gone. I'm no stranger to having my car stereo stolen... its happened to me about 4 times now, so I know that theives are usually smart enough to take more than just the faceplate. I was hoping it was my stupid neighbor friends playing a "really super funny joke", so maybe they just put the faceplate in my center compartment. Nope. No faceplate and also no CDs. Crap. My theory is still that my neighbor friends did it as a joke, but I'm not entirely sure. Ah well... its been a while since my last break in. I suppose I was due.

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