The webpage is finished!

Sweet Holy Jesus, I had no clue how extensive this project was going to be. Not to mention expensive and an all around pain in my ass.

I had to set up a merchant account to take credit card orders, which was a pain in itself. But you can't take credit card orders without a secure server, so I had to apply for one of those. The testing/revision stage was enough to want to shoot myself in the face. I've been building webpages since I was 15, and I've never had the slightest idea what went into bigger, more dynamic sites like this one. I wish I was a bit more prepared for it than I was, but such is life sometimes.

In any case, it's finished. Not perfect, but finished. I'll be tweaking and tweaking in the days/weeks to come, and once I make back my initial investment I'll post the address here for the world to see.

Much thanks to my dad who has been loaning me money and buying me food throughout the course of this project. Especially for tonight when he treated me to chicken fingers at Chili's, which I had been craving for... oh, just about forever.

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