The webpage is

The webpage is ultra close to being finished, so finances have started to become less of an issue for me. Now he says it'll be finished by Monday night, which is strange because that makes it exactly 1 week that he told me "by the end of the day" consistently. Remarkably, I still believe him every time he says it.

Unfortunately, Monday night is also the night we planned to drive down to Mardi Gras, which means I won't be part of the oh-so-important "test drive" of the site, which means that it probably won't be launched until my return. That really sucks. But I suppose it's a moot point since I didn't get my check from Iona and can't afford to go to Mardi Gras anyway.

I've spent like 10 hours a day for the past 4 days trying to get the site up or reading about cheap ways to promote it. I think I'm becoming obsessed.

So, it's been a while since I've been out to eat at a real restaurant. Since I went down to visit Amy, actually. People don't understand how much you miss things like that. When you're self employed and work from home, you don't really interact with a large number of people or anything. You just sort of wait for the times that you can go out and see people. Even strangers, it doesn't matter. Just having a waitress ask for my order is something, ya know? Well, I'm sure you don't know... it's just hard. Anyway, so yesterday I decided to treat myself to a Chinese buffet. I had intended to pay for it (with my credit card of course, since I don't even have $5 in my bank account anymore), but Fabish paid for me. What a nice boy. I'm still living off the groceries my dad bought for me, but an Avanti's gondola sounds great right now. Maybe I'll try to talk someone into going to Avanti's with me.

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