Wee, a Wii!

So, I sold Jeepy this weekend. It was a tearful separation, for sure. Very emotional.

Wait, that's not right. I didn't really care at all. She was 10 years old and in need of some money and hard work to make her pretty again, and I wasn't interested at all in that. A friend of the family was interested, offered me a fair price, and I took it. So good bye, sweet Jeep. I'll miss you.

I took the dough and went and bought a Wii. After playing with Wolford's for about 10 minutes, I was completely hooked. So I bought the Wii and a couple games, and Hill and I proceeded to play it for about 5 hours, laughing hysterically pretty much the entire time. It's the first video game system I've bought since the Sega Genesis, and I'm certainly not a "gamer", but man, that thing is so much fun.

Anyway, now I need to just sit on the rest of that cash and not touch it until the closing on my old house, so I can figure out exactly how much money I'll have left over after this whole exchange. My guess is that I won't have much to spare, but whatever. My Wii is worth it.

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