The weekend. The

The weekend.

The weekend was fun and exciting, all at the same time. Well, not so much Friday. On Friday I just kicked back and watched a movie all by myself. I needed a night like that. I love my roommates and all, but I also like being alone sometimes.

Saturday was a lot of fun. You can read all about the party on my updates at hidethecam. Before the party we had a little cookout.

The aftermath of the party is not documented well (or at all) by hidethecam, so I'll go ahead and bitch about it for a couple of hours now.

The place was trashed. Beer was spilled everywhere, my model Camaro was broken, my cool UCCS beer mug was shattered, but my hidden camera and remote controls made it through the party okay, that was okay. Me and Fabish spent about 3 or 4 hours cleaning up the half-full plastic cups and carpet stains, and vacuuming and tossing out the empy bottles and everything else. Alan slept. We left the dishes for him to wash, figuring that would be fair, but they're still piled up on the sink. Such is life.

Yesterday I went to eat with Steph and Molly at Garners. No one was in there, so we had full control of the TV, which was nice. We haven't had that for quite some time there.

No big plans for this evening... I'm really wanting to get hidethecam finished, since I'm getting more and more hits every day. I feel like I'm disappointing my loyal customers, although none have emailed me or joined my forum yet. Speaking of which, join my forum, losers.

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