The Weekend

The weekend was alright. On Friday I skipped work, and did basically nothing all day. It was great. Brian Kelly, Steph, and Molly stopped by later in the evening and we hung out and chatted. Some of Alan's friends who I hate stopped by too. I went to bed around 2.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday, took care of some chores and whatnot, then went to get a new digital cell phone and talk to an accountant with my dad. I got this one phone because of a clip on speaker you can use with it for a speaker phone. I figured it would be nice to talk on while driving, since I drive a stick shift, and it's hard to shift, turn, and talk all at the same time. Well, the clip on barely works, so I'm going to return the clip on and hopefully the phone ASAP.

Saturday night was even less eventful than Friday night. Fabish and I went to see Planet of the Apes, which wasn't nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. I rather enjoyed it, actually. Afterwards, Alan needed me to go get him and his friends some beer and drop them off at some girl's house. I did that, and they invited me in for a few drinks. I stayed for the duration of exactly one beer, then went home and goofed around with Fabish for a while.

Sunday I did even less, if that's possible. Alan, me, and this girl Heather went to eat at Hooters, then back to our place to watch Jackass. Jackass was funny, as per usual.

And that takes us up to today, where I'm at work and very busy all day. Hopefully I can get this CD pounded out quickly. We'll see.

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