This weekend, I slept.

Boy did I ever sleep. I slept and slept, then I slept some more.

Friday I slept on my couch the majority of the day, waking up to walk Abby and go get lunch. On Saturday I did about the same thing, until around 8 when Steph called me. She was going to be leaving for Colorado later that night and wanted to get together with me and Molly for a while first. They came over and played with my dog and watched some TV. They left around 10, and I went to sleep again.

On Sunday I felt much better, but still not good by any stretch of the imagination. I went out to eat with my parent's, then I had to go back to their place and change the oil in my Jeep. It was an extremely easy job, but when I was looking in the manual to figure out how much oil to put in, I found something interesting. My Jeep is a convertible. Now, of course you can just remove the top, but on my Jeep you can just unlatch a few latches and fold the top back, into the trunk. How cool is that?

In other news, Abby will now go to the bathroom with me outside. I hate her much less now that we've gone over this hurdle. She takes forever to go though, even when I know she has to. I need to get her to do it quickly now. That will be the hard part.

Now my job has introduced a "flex time" policy, when I can start my day any time between 7-9, and end it anytime between 4-6, accordingly. Since I like sleeping late, I'll probably go for the 9-6 routine, taking a short lunch and leaving at 5:30. That will work nicely.

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