The weekend of incredible sucktitude.

I had a really, really bad weekend. Well, I guess it wasn't bad, just kind of blah.

Fabish brought Abby over on Friday after work. We set up her kennel and got her situated to her new home. She seemed happy enough to be there. After a while Angie came over, and all 3 of us went out to eat, then to Target to get a wedding present for my cousin. Fabish had other plans, so he left and Angie and I watched a movie. She had some studying to do, and I had some sleeping to do, so she left and I went to bed.

Saturday was the big wedding day. Let me explain this situation.

My cousin, a recovering alcoholic a drug addict, in debt to everyone on earth, living with my aunt (not his mother, mind you), and working 3rd shift in a refrigerated warehouse. No way can he afford to get married.

His new wife, a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, 16, high school dropout, and pregnant. She's moving in with my aunt and not working or doing anything significant. This is going to be a great couple. I feel really bad for their kid.

Anyway, the wedding was a joke. I hate to bad mouth it, but I will anyway. Now, my uncle had a very small wedding. No one dressed up, and it was just in a county courthouse. No ceremony, no nothing. Just a marriage. Of course, this was his second marriage, and her 3rd. They didn't want a big ordeal or anything. This was different.

These are both young kids. My sister and her husband were only slightly older when they were married, and the church was packed with all their friends from high school and college. At this wedding there was about 30 people. I was the closest in age to the bride and groom. The best man was Russ' former dealer. The maid of honor was Russ' sister, for some reason. No one else was in the wedding party. No tuxes, no wedding dress, no nothing.

The reception was no better. Since most everyone on both sides of the family were alcoholics, I didn't think there would be alcohol served. I was wrong. There was a keg. Yeah, a keg. The event was held in a tiny little room with 7 foot high ceilings and dirty walls. There was no real wedding cake, but they tried their best to make it sort of like a real wedding. She tried to throw the bouquet, but it hit the ceiling and came down, hit the floor, and no one made any real effort to get it. They sat her down in a fold out chair, and Russ took off her garter belt. He was going to throw it to the single guys before realizing I was the only single one. He just gave it to me. Later he asked for it back.

I know, I know. Weddings aren't about showing off or spending a lot of money and yadda yadda yadda. I think what we saw there just shows how much these 2 should not be married. I'm just thankful the pastor didn't ask to me "speak now or forever hold my peace" because I couldn't have done that. But these 2 are too young, too immature, and just not ready. I guess it may be noble to ask the girl you knocked up to marry you, but that doesn't make it right. God... I couldn't get married right now, and I have a good, steady job. I'm not an alcoholic. I'm not in debt to the world. I can't imagine where this marriage will go.

I hear her side of the family is more messed up than my side. Her parents are divorced, and her mom's new husband is in jail. She met him while visiting her son. Her dad is an alcoholic who got piss ass drunk at the reception. But I digress.

The whole ceremony is just like foreshadowing of how the marriage will be. Fake. Messy. Contrived. A big fat joke.

So anyway. Saturday everyone was studying, so I went to sleep early. I had to get up early for Abby and couldn't get back to sleep, so I was really tired anyway.

On Sunday I took Abby for a really long walk, did my laundry, cleaned up the apartment, and then hung out with Steph, who just got back in to town. Dave, Steph, Fabish, and Angie all came over and we ate Pizza Hut, drank Pepsi, and watched Simpsons. It was good.

I'm worried about Abby now though. I left her in her kennel as I was showering this morning, and she was barking to let her out when I got out. Poor puppy. I left the radio on for her so she wouldn't get lonely.

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