This weekend was

This weekend was non-stop action and adventure.

Friday night I went home for about 20 minutes before going to Fabish's to meet everyone for Tim Callahan's 21st birthday dinner. We all meet and head out to the restaurant. There was about 8 guys, and we all just goofed around, drank beer, and were general jack asses in public. Afterwards we went back to Fabish's apartment, drank more beer, and watched VH1. At about 9:30 it was time to meet more guys at a local bar, and then it was time to head to the downtown bars.

So, first we go to Gorman's, which is right next to where everyone lives. It's a bar, but they're very tolerant of fake IDs, so there's quite a few under age people there, and most of the people I was with were underage.

At about 11:30, those of us old enough were going to head downtown. There weren't many of us old enough, so most of them stayed at Gorman's. We hit Jimmy's, then Gilligan's. At Gilligan's I impressed everyone by rapping with House of Pain and Eminem.

Afterwards some of us went down to Big Al's, which is the strip club. It was me and 3 other guys, 2 of which had just turned 21 and were horribly drunk. Me and the other guy were almost sober, so we weren't having as great a time as they were, despite having naked women dancing around us. It was still a lot of fun.

Come 4:30 it was time to go home. A designated driver from the other group came to pick us up, because somewhere along the line we had lost our other driver. We wandered around looking for his car, since he hadn't driven it down there, and finally found it. One of the guys was going to puke... I could see it coming. I was trying to get him to puke while we were walking around finding the car. The guy could barely stand up and one of my friends had to drag him along. He wouldn't puke. Finally we find the car and start driving home. I looked over at him, and I could tell he was trying not to vomit all over the car. Thankfully, by the time they got to my place, he still hadn't puked. I talked to one of my other friends in the car the next day, and apparently he made it about 2 blocks before puking all over the car after I got out.

I went to bad at around 4:45, and at 9:30 the next morning I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I laid there for 2 hours before giving up and facing the day. I wanted to look at Jeeps that day, so I got ready and went out to my car. As I walked out of my apartment I had a "Dude, where's my car?" moment. I just stood there with my keys in my hand but my car was nowhere in sight. I knew I hadn't driven it downtown... Finally I realized I had driven it to Fabish's before dinner the night before. I had to walk over to Fabish's, then go pick up Angie, then go to all the dealerships.

Every single car salesman assumed we were married. At first we explained to them we were just friends, but after 3 dealers, just gave up. We were engaged for the day. It was funny to listen to the salesmen say things like "The seat goes forward, so your kids can get in and out easily."

We found a few good deals, and today at lunch I'll make them an offer on one of them.

After the car hunt, we ate dinner at Avanti's, then saw Sam Raimi's "The Gift", which was great. Angie made me go to Brimfield's Homecoming. I won't get into how much I hate Brimfield and why, but let's just say I wasn't pleased about going. I tried not to complain much, but it was very, very hard not to. It sucked.

By 10:30 I was ready to go to sleep. I hadn't slept much the night before and was just dead tired. My roommate was having people over to drink and watch movies, but I wasn't up for it. I went to sleep early.

Sunday me and my dad hit a few more dealerships looking for Jeeps without being annoyed by salesmen. Angie and her roommate Marissa made me dinner and we watched Simpsons before I finally went home.

I was still pretty tired and wanted to get to bed semi-early. At about 10:30 I went to sleep and about 11 a party started right above me. I tried to ignore it, but couldn't. I slept in my gameroom on my loveseat until 4 am. It sucked and now my back is killing me. I couldn't get to sleep again after that, and laid there for a long time doing nothing. I thought about drinking myself to sleep. That's how tired I was.

So, now I'm tired and my back is killing me. And I'm at work. With stuff to do today. And it sucks. And I'm buying a Jeep today.

And that was my weekend.

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