This weekend was

This weekend was the most boring weekend I've ever had, and I loved every single second of it.

On Friday, me, Alan, and Steph went out to eat at Chili's, but they both had plans afterwards, so I just went home and watched some TV. Fabish and I decided to go to AI, and we called KJ and Sean to go with us. AI sucked. It was horrible.

It's a shame too, because I used to have a lot of respect for Spielberg. But this movie was awful. Stanley Kubrick wrote the movie over the course of 20 years, and never made it because he didn't think he could do it justice. Kubrick dies, Spielberg takes the script, rewrites it, films it, and gets it on the screen in the course of 2 years. What the fuck is that? No offense to Spielberg, but he doesn't hold a light to Kubrick as far as movie making goes. It's not even close. Kubrick had this movie making 'philosophy' sort of, where he'd film a movie and think "Well, if the audience doesn't get it, I don't give a shit." For an example, watch A Clockwork Orange or 2001. Spielberg caters to the lowest common denominator in his movies. He aims for a PG13 rating and millions of dollars at the box office. Spielberg should not have made Kubrick's movie. No one should have. Kubrick's script was hard core, with maybe, MAYBE, an R rating. Spielberg watered it down, and had this fucking stupid narrator explain the story and it's moral issues to us every 15 or 20 minutes. It was lame.

Then the movie ended. Or so I thought. Here comes a spoiler. If you plan on seeing this movie, don't read on. Or do read on, so you won't bother seeing it. So, the movie has been playing for almost 2 hours now, and it's over. Nope. 'Fraid not. Spielberg's writing shows through at this point, with his hard on for aliens. ALIENS. Fucking aliens come into the end of the movie. At first, they speak with subtitles. Now you see where Spielberg's "Oh shit, we have to get this out by summer" philosophy kicks in. The aliens looked like some little kid drew them with a crayon. Their spaceship was, I shit you not, a cube. A fucking cube. A fucking cube, flying through the air. They talk in subtitles for like 2 minutes, then all of the sudden start speaking in english. What in the hell is going on? And why are there aliens in this movie about a robot boy trying to become a real boy?

Oh, and the end? The robot boy cries and goes to sleep. I'm guessing this was because he turned into a real boy... the only 'mystery' that Spielberg leaves us with. That's the gayest ending in history. Kubrick never wanted a happy ending. He didn't want AI to be a fairy tale. The happy ending made me want to vomit. The sad ending (ironically, an hour before the REAL ending) was much better, and I bet anyone out there that's where Kubrick's version ended. Before the god damn aliens, which looked like a combination of ET and the aliens from Close Encounters. Coincidence? I think not. All he needed to do was give the aliens some Jaws teeth and an Indiana Jones hat and the alien would sum up Spielberg's entire career.

So anyway, it was extremely disappointing. After that, I got attacked by a bat again (read previous entry), and went to sleep.

Saturday, I went out to my parents and I was extremely productive. I did 3 loads of laundry, and in between, I changed the oil in my Jeep. I also changed the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributer, rotor, and serpentine belt. None of those had been changed since it was new, so it really needed them. I cut my hand up pretty good in the process. It was also about 200 degrees outside, and I was working under the hood of a black car. It wasn't pleasant. Sweat was pouring off my face and evaporating when it hit the engine block.

Saturday night I stayed in my room since Fabish and his girlfriend were occupying the living room. It was excellent.

Sunday I didn't do anything at all. I messed around with my computer, but never completed the task I set out to complete. At 7, Steph came over to watch Simpsons and Jackass. We got Avanti's. That was my weekend.

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