This weekend was

This weekend was awesome. I kicked it off on Friday with dinner at the Patio Inn with Polk, The Brandon, Wolfie, Kristi, and Jess. Dinner was free for me because I'm slick and forgot they didn't take credit cards. Oops.

I turned down the invitation to Sin City because I was pretty tired and didn't feel like spending $8 to see a crowded movie on opening night at Willow. Instead I went home and started watching Cold Case Files. Fabish called a bit later and we had a few beers, then I went over to Alan's and almost fell asleep on his couch.

Saturday I did a ton of work on my bathroom. I painted and replaced all the towel bars and cabinet handles and hinges. Next week I should be getting my new counter top and sink. It won't even look like the same room.

Anyhoo, after that I headed down to Jimmy's for some basketball game or something. I didnt care much about that whole thing. It became pretty obvious pretty quick that we'd need a designated driver, so I played that role. Angie and a couple of her work friends had to go to a wedding reception, so I drove them there. That's when the weirdest, awkwardest thing ever happened.

We get to the reception and the bride, a 45 year old lady, ran up and gave everyone a hug. When she hugged me, she whispered "I like boys" into my ear and kissed my neck. I thought this was a little bizarre, but not as bizarre as when she licked Alan's face a few seconds later. As we were leaving, she kept stroking my face and telling me how cute I was. Then she leaned in like she was going to make out with me or something. I pulled back and said "What are you doing? Are you trying to make out with me?" She told me no, but she just wanted a kiss. So I kissed a 45 year old lady who got married just hours before. It was a little strange.

So we went back to Jimmy's and I drank water and watched everyone be silly and drunk for a few more hours. We took a late night trip to Steak 'n Shake to get everyone sobered up, where once again I drank water and watched everyone eat food I'm too fat to eat.

Yesterday I did a bit more work on my bathroom, drove everyone to pick up their cars, and started doing some yard work. Then Alan came up with the brilliant idea to barbeque. We picked up a Mitch Hedberg CD and paid tribute to him while eating Cheddarwursts and drinking a couple brews. I probably drank a little too much, but I feel great today.

Today I'm leaving work a few hours early to get some stuff done. Later tonight I'm bartending.

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