This weekend was

This weekend was way, way too short.

Friday night we hit a frat party right down the street from a good friend of mine. It was a party for "scooters", which are potential freshmen. That's right... high schoolers. 17 and 18 year old girls who looked 14 or 15. They were drunk off their asses and getting all up on the frat guys. It was really weak. Me and my good friend just stayed by the keg and made fun of people all night. I shouldn't have been having a good time, but I really was.

Last week my best friend of 21 years got his heart broken by some chick. He was really into her, but she had a boyfriend and was confused about whether to stay with him or take a chance with Fabish. Well, after a few months, Fabish gave her the ultimatum and she chose her boyfriend. Poor guy.

Well, we figured the best way to cheer up our good buddy was to go get boobs rubbed in our face. So, we drove almost 200 miles getting him an awesome fake ID, then took him out to the best strip club in town. We treated him to beer all night long, and bought him a lap dance, paid his cover... I dropped almost $100 in one night. It was fun though... I had a really good time. It's definitely not something I can afford (or would want to do) every weekend, but every once in a while it's fun to be that irresponsible. Plus Fabish got a stripper's phone number, so I think that really cheered him up.

The whole ordeal with Fabish has made me start thinking about Jill/Julie though. I mean... Fabish didn't want to give up his chances with the girl he liked, but had to for his own sanity. What about me and Jill/Julie? I hate to give it up this easily, without a fight. But at the same time I've been strung along by another girl... in a situation very similar to Fabish's. Being friends with someone you like and knowing they don't feel the same way sucks in a very bad way. I can't do it. Is that selfish? Yeah... of course it is. Should I be that selfish?

I think the way things worked out between me and the other girl are making me very cautious of Jill/Julie and without good reason.

Oh well. Maybe I should just hook up with a stripper and not worry about it.

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