The weekend

The weekend was all right, I suppose. I made a bunch of plans with a bunch of different people, all with one goal in mind... to travel about 50 miles south and visit my would be girlfriend. That is, she would be my girlfriend, if she had any interest in me whatsoever. But I digress.

Well, long story short, everyone backed out on me at the last minute, leaving me to make the trek to ISU all by my lonesome. Not that I'm complaining. The girl I was visiting didn't want to drink, but she DID want to hang out with 3 other annoying girls whom I have never met before. Not that I'm complaining. We went bowling and out to eat, during which I said 4... maybe 5 words. I think she realized I wasn't having a good time and we called it a night early. At about midnight they went home, leaving me and her alone. Finally. We just talked for hours, catching up and joking around. It was really nice. It was what I hoped the whole night would have been. We didn't talk about "us" because we've exhausted that topic for the time being I think.

I got back to good 'ole Peoria around 4 am, crashed immediately, then slept until about 2 pm the next day. Saturday we hit a few bars downtown but I wasn't drunk enough to have a good time in a crowded, stuffy, smokey bar. I spent about $22 on about 4 beers. Screw the bars. I can get a 30 pack for $20. Of course, the sluts with backless shirts are a little more expensive than beer, and those come free when you go to the bars. Maybe I will stick to the bar scene after all.

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