Weeks are so long, weekends are so short.

Last week lasted so long. It may have been because I was half sick and dying, or maybe just because I hate my job. But either way, it was way too long and I hated every second.

My day at work on Friday was horrible. I don't even want to think about it, so I won't bother writing it all out. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that Jaimee was coming to visit me that night.

So, I go home after work and cleaned a little. Of course, since I keep my apartment immaculate, cleaning wasn't such a chore. Jaimee and I had to waste some time, and then we were going to eat with some of my friends who were very anxious to meet her. We went to a weird pizza restaurant that is a favorite amongst all of my friends, and one of my least favorite pizza place. I know it was a bit awkward for her to meet my 3 best friends all at once, but it meant a lot to me that she did it.

She left on Saturday, after eating at Avanti's and shooting the breeze for a few hours. Almost immediately after she left I called Brice, and we went out for a little while. Angie and Mullens were going to come to my place and drink, but I wasn't really in the mood. I told them I wanted them to come, because I had some stuff I wanted to talk out with them. Well, with Brice there I wasn't able to talk to them about what I needed to talk to them about. Not only that, but Angie was going to bring some of her cousins. They all drank, and I watched TV. They all left around midnight, thank God. I was horribly tired, so I went to sleep.

I slept about 11 hours, and it was awesome. On Sunday I had to go back to my parent's place and help my dad carry some car parts around. We finally got around to putting the bumpers and trim around his car, which took... oh, about forever. I don't know why it was taking so long. But, I told him I had to leave at 5:30. There wasn't really a good reason for me leaving, other than I was sick of working on the car and wanted to go home and watch TV.

Angie and Mullens dropped by just before the beginning of Simpsons. We ordered some pizza and watched the Simpsons, and 2 episodes of Jackass. It was great fun.

And now here I am, at work, gearing up for another long, long, long, long week.

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