weird dreams.

I had 2 weird dreams that I remember really well, so I feel like I should type them.

The first one was at my parent's house, which wasn't really their house. Fuller, one of my more estranged friends, called me on the phone. He said something about no one understanding him, but I had the key. I was holding it in my hand. He said he had written everything I needed to know about him on the side of the phone. I looked at the phone but didn't see everything. He was mumbling something I didn't fully understand as I fumbled around, looking for the message. I was throwing drawers open and tossing things everywhere, looking for this message. Finally my dad brought me a big pile of about 15 phones and I looked at all of them until I found his message. It was some sort of nonsense about God and love and peace. I didn't fully understand it. I then put that phone to my ear and heard what Fuller was trying to say, but before he finished I hung up.

In my next one, Dave called. Dave has called me about 3 times in my life, and twice was so I could buy him beer. He was begging me to do something with him. I just remember him saying "Dude, I don't care what it is, as long as we do something together. C'mon, let's do something. We have to do something. Let's get together." I hung up on him, too.

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