Weird happenings.

So, I got home from work last night and Jaimee was already here. We went to dinner at Chili's, and right when we got home I got a phone call from Ryan Morge, who I went to high school with. He approached me about several projects he has planned. We decided to meet at Old Chicago for a few drinks and a little business meeting.

As I walked up to Old Chicago, I saw Jeremy Johnson, who both Morge and I went to high school with. I've seen him a total of about 3 times since high school. We also ran into Tom (I won't even try to spell his last name), who all 3 of us knew from high school. Jenny Edwards was our waitress, who I went to grade school with. Jon Crusen was the bartender, who we all went to high school with. It was very odd. As we were leaving, I also ran into Erica, Alan's exgirlfriend. It was weird that so many people I knew kept popping up everywhere.

Anyway, Ryan is now reselling long distance. It's good to see someone else my age giving the "self employed" thing a shot. We had a lot to talk about. I think that's going to be a good partnership for us.

In other news, I totally love my job. It's so laid back with not a lot of paperwork. And I get to use lots of power tools and other cool toys. I did get injured for the first time yesterday, however. I'm not exactly sure how. I was cutting some glass and the next thing I knew, I was bleeding all over. Fun stuff.

I imagine the job will get a bit boring once I have the process down pat, but for a while I'll really enjoy it, I think.

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